After The Op


I was home less than 24 hours after surgery. You will be sent home with drains, to prevent swelling caused by fluid collection, exercises, pain relief and antibiotics.

I had 1 drain each side but I do know some people that had 2.

I was shown the drains at my pre op and given leaflets on how they work and what to do if they stopped working – mine were redivac drains so done the job for you but again I know some people that have self drains. I had to record my output once a day at the same time each day – they will be removed once the output is 30ml a day over 2/3 consecutive days.

I went down to theatre at 9am (in my very fetching green bed socks) I felt really calm and relaxed about it all, the last thing I remember was the anaesthesist telling me to thing of something nice and me telling him that I was meant to be going to Portugal on Sunday (I had cancelled my holiday prior to my operation).


My Plastic Surgeon Doctor Khalil had noted down my boyfriend’s number that morning and rang him at 3pm to tell him that I was out of surgery. My boyfriend tells me now that he sounded ‘well happy’ with his work.

It took another 2 hours for me to go back to the ward, I felt pretty dizzy and sick and kept apologising to the nurse sat with me in recovery for being “totally unsociable”.

Back on the ward my boyfriend and dad, who had travelled up and stayed for a few nights came to see me and as soon as they walked through the door I was sick. My dad said he got me another sick bowel which I then put on my head!

My older brother and his partner popped in as well and left the much needed chocolates, although they had already opened them. They also left a load of magazines that came in handy when I eventually came round properly in the early hours of the morning.

At some point one of my consultants came to see me, I was still pretty high from the morphine, although I do remember asking him if I had the ‘real implants’ to which he confirmed that I did and my reply – “sweet doc”. My Plastic Surgeon had explained to me at my pre-op that I may have to have expanders as opposed to implants and this would require having the expanders filled every few weeks till my preferred size when they would remove the valve and the implant would then be left in. This all depended on how good my skin was once the breast tissue was removed as by inserting an implant that pressed against the skin too much could cause the skin to die.

My consultant did visit again the following morning to check how I was doing and I got my first look at my new beasts, which didn’t look too bad. I was pleased to see that the incisions were underneath the breasts and there wasn’t too much bruising. I must have been too busy looking at my new beasts as I forgot to ask what size implants I had – these definitely looked bigger than before.

I didn’t get a lot of sleep that night, the nurses were checking my vitals every half hour till the early hours and I was extremely thirsty. Although it’s good to keep hydrated it has its drawbacks I needed the loo a lot, which is not easy when you are unsteady on your feet and weak from the anaesthetic, morphine and having not eaten for 24 hours.

Thankfully, as I said I was allowed home that day and all I was craving was fish and chips and a can of coke – I am easily pleased !


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