If It’s Good Enough For Jolie

It is always best to be prepared and have some home comforts with you during your stay in hospital. This will help lessen the stress and take away some of the worry and anxiety prior to surgery.

I immediately began taking Arnica 30c Pillules (2 small tablets 4xday. I also used the Arnica cream over my breasts and surrounding area. I had very minimal bruising and swelling and believe both the above really helped.

I also started taking ABC Plus Mulivitamins and Minerals.

I purchased all the above from Holland and Barretts and continued taking/using them for 2 weeks post surgery (although I now take the multivitamins daily)

Having read Angelina Jolie’s Blog; A Patient’s Journey: Angelina Jolie @ pinklotusbreastcentre.com, I made some more lavish purchases – Cutagenix Professional Skin Care Emulsion which allows oxygen to reach the skin – this was expensive at £80.00 for a 30ml tube but if it’s good enough for Angelina Jolie it’s good enough for me. (Effortless Skin online)

And the best buys – V- shaped pillow from Argos at £7.99 and 2 x Drain Dollies – surgical drain bags created by Charley Wood – these items were my life savers! These can be purchased at http://www.draindollies.co.uk for £6 with 10% of all sales going to Genesis.  Charley emailed me personally after I purchased the drain dollies and we have kept in touch since. It was nice to speak with someone who had been through the same thing.

I done a big shop and stocked up on food and essentials such as washing powder, toilet roll etc.

I then prepped some of my favourite meals and froze them – this also made it easier for my boyfriend (although he is turning out to be quite the chef).

My place was scrubbed till I could smell the bleach walking up the pathway and I stacked bedding in sets to make it quick and easy, again for my boyfriend to change the bed (he is quickly becoming perfect husband material).

At my pre-op I was given Hibiscus Medical Scrub which I used for 48 hours prior to surgery and continued to use after. This helps kills off any bacteria.

What I Packed;
Most importantly a comfortable zip front support bra – I purchased 2 from M and S. One a size bigger due to swelling and one my normal cup size.
2 x PJs with button front fastening (I was actually home less than 24 hours later but best to be prepared);
Dressing gown and slippers;
Something comfortable to go home in (I actually left in my pjs and dressing gown);
Throat sweets – I had a sore throat for 3 days following the operation;
Lip balm – my lips were quite dry from the oxygen mask;
Drinks in beakers – I bought 2 toddler cups with straws and pre filled with juice;
Squash – hospital water isn’t the best;
Snacks – I woke up at 4am starving – lucky my brother had brought in some chocolates that were within arms reach;
Wet wipes, roll on deodrant, shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, dry-shampoo, hair brush and bobbles and moisturiser;
Hand sanitiser;
Magazines, books, change for tv card – you may be in a few days;
Any medications you are on – I was given a medication bag at my pre op.
Laxative medication or prunes – after long surgery and heavy pain meds you become a little constipated.

Good luck xx


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